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  • Hercules
  • Freaky Friday: The IMAX Edition

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  • Lilac Coming to Video

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  • Bambi
  • The Neverending Story III: Escape From Fantasia
  • The Thief and the Cobbler
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Honey We Shrunk Ourselves

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  • Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection

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  • Digitally Mastered for Optimal Video and Audio Performance
  • Lucasfilm, Ltd. - THX

Opening Logos cont.

  • Walt Disney Pictures

Opening Credits

  • Walt Disney Pictures presents
  • a Pixar Animation Studios and Troublemaker Studios films
  • a Blue Sky Studios production
  • "Toy Story"

Executive Producers

Supervising Technical Director

  • William Reeves

Music by

Songs Written & Performed by

Original Story by

Screenplay by

Produced by

Directed by


  • The Coast is Clear/The Staff Meeting
  • Sarge's Soldiers
  • Buzz Lightyear the Space Ranger
  • "Strange Facts"
  • Woody and Buzz Fight/Sid
  • Who Will Andy Pick?/A Cowboy Accused
  • Lost at the Gas Station
  • Going Inside Pizza Planet
  • Buzz Lightyear Meets the Aliens
  • At Sid's House
  • Playtime with Sid
  • "I Will Go Sailing No More"
  • Buzz's Arm Bandage
  • Sid's Window to Cody's/Buzz is Fixed
  • The Big One
  • 'Buzz, I Can't Do This Without You'
  • Woody Asks for Help/The Rescue Mission
  • 'Play Nice'
  • The Chase
  • Rocket Power
  • Christmas in Andy's House

Ending Credits

art director

  • Ralph Eggleston

film editors

supervising animator

  • Pete Docter

sound design

  • Gary Rydstrom

production supervisor

  • Karen Robert Jackson

casting by

  • Brian Chavanne,
  • Ruth Lambert and Karen Margiotta


  • Tom Hanks: Woody
  • Tim Allen: Buzz Lightyear
  • Don Rickles: Mr. Potato Head
  • Jim Varney: Slinky Dog
  • Wallace Shawn: Rex
  • John Ratzenberger: Hamm
  • Annie Potts: Bo Peep
  • John Morris: Andy
  • Erik von Detten: Sid
  • Laurie Metcalf: Andy's Mom
  • R. Lee Ermey: Sergeant
  • Sarah Freeman: Hannah
  • Joe Ranft: Lenny
  • Penn Jillette: TV Announcer

you've got a friend in me

(end titles)

written and produced by

performed by

executive music producer

Chris Montan

music supervisor

Becky Mancuso-Winding


story supervisors Joe Ranft
Robert Lence
story coordinator Susan E. Levin
story artists Andrew Stanton
John McKimson
Kelly Asbury
Ash Brannon
Mike Cachuela
Jill Culton
Robert Rodriguez
Pete Docter
Perry Farinola
Jason Katz
Bud Luckey
Jeff Pidgeon


directing animators Rich Quade
Ash Brannon
animation managers Triva Von Klark
Bz Petroff
Animators Michael Berenstein
Kim Blanchette
Colin Brady
Davey Crokett
Angie Glocka
Rex Grignon
Tom K. Gurney
Jimmy Hayward
Hal T. Hickel
Karen Kiser
Anthony B. Lamolinara
Guionne Leroy
Bud Luckey
Les Major
Glenn McQueen
Mark Oftedal
Jeff Pidgeon
Jeff Pratt
Steve Rabatich
Roger Rose
Steve Segal
Doug Sheppeck
Alan Sperling
Doug Sweetland
David Tart
Ken Willard (1959 - 1995)
additional animation Shawn P. Krause
Matt Luhn
Bob Peterson
Andrew Schmidt
animation coordinator Maureen E. Wylie
animation check Heather Knight

Technical Artists

associate technical director Eben Fiske Ostby
technical department manager Allison Smith Murphy
modeling team Mark Adams
Ronen Barzel
Kevin Bjorke
Loren C. Carpenter
Deborah R. Fowler
Damir Frkovic
Shalini Govil-Pal
David R. Haumann
Mark Tiberius Henne
Yael Milo
Darwyn Peachey
Rick Sayre
Eliot Smyrl
Galyn Susman
Graham Walters
modeling & shading coordinator Deirdre Warin
shader & visual effects supervisor Thomas Porter
shader team Anthony A. Apodaca
Brian M. Rosen
Eliot Smyrl
Graham Walters
Keith B.C. Gordon
Larry Gritz
Loren C. Carpenter
Mitch Prater
Rick Sayre
visual effects Mark T. Henne
Oren Jacob
Darwyn Peachey
Mitch Prater
Brian M. Rosen
lighting supervisors Sharon Calahan
Galyn Susman
lighting leads Lisa Forssell
Deborah R. Fowler
Tru'o'ng Gia Tien
William A. Wise
Tien Truong

lighting team

  • Mark Adams
  • Anthony A. Apodaca
  • Larry Aupperle
  • Cynthia Dueltgen
  • Damir Frkovic
  • Shalini Govil-Pai
  • Larry Gritz
  • David R. Haumann
  • Oren Jacob
  • Ewan Johnson
  • Konishi Sonoko
  • Les Major
  • Yael Milo
  • Desiree Mourad
  • Kelly O'Connell
  • Jeff Pratt
  • Mark T. Vandewettering

illumination engineer

  • Ronen Barzel

lighting & rendering coordinator

  • Barbara T. Labounta

assistant coordinator

  • Douglas Todd

rendering wranglers

  • Keith Olenick
  • Andrew Cho
  • Michael Fong
  • Michael Lorenzen
  • Vivek Verma

additional modeling

* mark eastwood

  • Monique Hodgkinson
  • Grey Holland

model maker

  • Tom Vukmanic


art manager Terry Herrmann McQueen
designer/illustrator Bob Pauley
lead CG painter Tia W. Kratter
CG painter/designer William Cone
CG painter Robin Cooper
sculptors Shelley Danieis Lekven
Norm Decarie

character design

  • Bob Pauley
  • Bud Luckey
  • Andrew Stanton
  • William Cone
  • Steve Johnson
  • Dan Haskett
  • Tom Holloway
  • Jean Gillmore

concept artwork

  • Steve Johnson
  • Lou Fancher
  • Kevin Hawkes
  • William Joyce
  • William Cone
  • David Gordon
  • Bob Pauley
  • Nilo Rodis


layout manager Bz Petroff
supervising layout artist Craig Good
lead layout artists Ewan Johnson
Kevin Bjorke
layout artists Roman Figun
Desiree Mourad
set dressers Kelly O'Connell
Konishi Sonoko
Ann M. Rockwell
additional layout Shawn P. Krause
Bob Peterson
Andrew Schmidt


editorial manager Julie M. McDonald
assistant editors Robin Lee
Tom Freeman
Ada Cochavl
Dana Mulligan
second assistant editors Steven Liu
Torbin Xan Bullock
editorial coordinator Deirdre Morrison
apprentice editor/digital librarian Phyllia Oyama
apprentice editor Ed Fuller
editorial production assistant Jesse William Wallace
storyreel music wrestler Robert Randies
assistant music wrestler Ling Ling Li


camera manager Julie M. McDonald
photoscience consultant D. Difrancesco
camera supervisor Louis Rivera
camera engineer Matthew Martin
camera technician Don Conway
monitor calibration software Michael Shantzis


senior production associate Susan Hamana
Production Controller Kevin Reher
Assistant Production Accountant Terri Greening
Pixar Finance Lisa Ellis
Purchasing/Facilities Manager Dennis "DJ" Jennigs
Purchasing Assistant Kathleen Handy
Production Coordination Lori Lombarde
Ellen Devine
Assistant Production Coordinators Victoria Jaschob
Lucas Putnam
Production Schedules Coordinator Katherine Sarafian
Production Office Assistants Jonas Rivera
Alethea Harampolis
Christian Hill
Nancy Copeland
Production Staff Deborah G. Dalton
marketing & promotions coordinator Monica Corbin
Unit Publicial Lauren Strongoff
Digital Angel Daria K. Anderson
assistant to Ralph Guggenhelm Deirdre Warin
assistant to Bonnie Arnold Lori Lombardo
assistants to John Lasseter

and William Reeves

Heather L. Feng
Susan E. Levin
assistant to Randy Newman Ron Senkowski

Production Interns

Andrew Caldwell Martin Caplan
Ryan Chisum Takeshi Hasegawn
Jay Hathaway Jason Henry
Steven Kani Victoria Livingston
Kevin Page Gastavo Ramirez
Benjamin Salles David Thomas

Computer Systems

Computer Systems Manager David H. Ching
Hardware Engineer Neftali "El Magnifico" Alvarez
software engineers Bill Carson
Ken Huey
Logistics Programmer Heidi Stettner
Macintosh Systems Engineer Michael E. Murdock
Hardware Technician Edgar Quinones
Systems Operators Onny P. Carr
Alec Wong
media systems engineer Alex Stahi

modeling & animation system development

William Reeves Eben Fiske Ostby
John Lasseter Sam Leffler
Darwyn Peachey Ronen Barzel
Loren C. Carpeter Thomas Hahn
Chris King Peter Nye
Drew Rogge Brian M. Rosen
Rick Sayre Michael Shantzis
Eliot Smyrl Heidi Stettner

Renderman@ Software Development

Anthony A. Apodaca Loren C. Carpenter
Ed Catmull Rob Cook
Pat Hanrahan Steve Johnson
Jim Lawson Sam Leffier
M.W. Mantle Dan McCoy
Darwyn Peachey Thomas Porter
William Reeves David Salesin
Don Schreiter Mark Vandewettering
digital massage therapist Narottama Alden

Post Production

Post Production Supervisor Patsy Bouge
Post Production Administrator Margaret Yu
Post Production Scheduler Heather Jane MacDonald Smith

post production sound services provided by

Skywalker Sound

a division of lucas digital ltd., Marin County, California

Re-Recording Mixers Gary Summers
Gary Rydstrom
Supervising Sound Editor Tim Holland
ADR Editor Marilyn Mccoppen
Sound Effects Editor Pat Jackson
Foley Editor Mary Helen Leasman
Assistant Sound Deisgn Tom Meyers
Assistant Sound Editors J.R. Grubbs
Susan Sanford
Susan Popovic
Dan Engstrom
Foley Artists Dennis Thorpe
Tom Barwick
Foley Recordist Tony Eckert
Machine Room Operators Tina Canny
David E. Turner
Original Dialogue Recording Engineer Vince Caro
FX Recording & Foreign Mixer Tom Myers
Mix Assistant Gary Rizzo
Temp Mix Sound Recordist Philip Rogers
Casting Consultant Ruth Lambert
Casting Assistant Meredith Layne
Additional Casting Nancy Hayes
ADR Voice Casting Mickie McGowan
Barbera Harris

Additional Voices

Jack Angel Spencer Aste
Corey Burton Jim Cummings
Greg Berg Lisa Bradley
Kendall Cunningham Debi Derryberry
Cody Dorkin Bill Farmer
Craig Good Gregory Grudt
Danielle Judovits Sam Lasseter
Brittany Levenbrown Sherry Lynn
Scott McAfee Mickie McGowan
Ryan O'Donohue Jeff Pidgeon
Patrick Pinney Phil Proctor
Jan Rabson Andrew Stanton
Shane Sweet Anthony Burch
Nathan Lane John Lasseter
Ernie Sabella Frank Welker


conducted by

  • Randy Newman

orchestrations by

music recorded and mixed by

  • Frank Wolf

music editors

  • Jim Flamberg
  • Charles Paley

associate music editor

  • Helena Lea

music production supervisor

  • Tod Cooper

orchestra contractor

  • Sandy De Crescent

music preparation

  • Jo Ann Kane Music Service

recording assistants

  • Greg Dennen
  • Tom Hardisty
  • Bill Kinsley
  • Susan Mclean
  • Rail Rogut


  • Phil Azelton
  • Russell Bartmus
  • Leland Bond
  • Tom Calderaro
  • Bob Calderwood


  • Maria Newman
  • Burnette Dillon, Rick Baptist, Mario Guarneri, Warren Luening, Malcolm McNab, Roy Poper, Dave Washburn - Trumpet
  • Dick Nash, Bill Booth, Charlie Loper, Richard Nash, George Thatcher - Trombone
  • Kurt Snyder - French Horn
  • Nico Abondolo, Drew Debowski, Chuck Domanico, Steve Edelman, Arni Eglisson, Richard Feves, Oscar Hidalgo, Jimmy Johnson, Larry Klein, Chris Kollgaard, Ed Meares, Bruce Morganthaler - Bass
  • Eun-Mee Ahn, Richard Altenbach, Arnold Belnick, Jacqueline Brand, Darius Campo, Lily Ho Chen, Ron Clark, Mario De Leon, Joel Deroui, Bruce Dukov, David Ewart, Ron Folsom, Armen Garabedian, Berj Garabedian, Julie Gigante, Larry Greenfield, Laurence Greenfield, Alan Grunfield, Clayton Haslop, Tamara Hatwan, Patricia Johnson, Karen Jones, Miran Kojian, Dimitrie Leivci, Rene Mandel, Liane M, Miwako Watanabe, Roger Wilkie - Violin
  • Dale Anderson, Michael Englander, Alan Estes, Michael Fisher, Gregory T. Goodall, Tom Raney, Emil Richards, Steve Schaeffer, Don Williams, Kenneth Yerke - Percussion
  • Philip Ayling, Tom Boyd, Barbara Northcutt - Oboe
  • Steve Becknell, David Duke, Brian O'Connor, John Reynolds, James Thatcher, Richard Todd, Brad Warnaar - Horn
  • Emily Bernstein, Gary Bovyer, Dominick Fera, Gary Gray, Dan Higgins, Jim Kanter, Joel C. Peskin, Bob Sheppard, Ralph Williams - Clarinet
  • Dennis Budimir, John Goux - Guitar
  • Denyse Buffum, Brian Dembow, Marlo Fisher, Rick Gerding, Pamela Goldsmith, Steve Gordon, Keith Greene, Carrie Holzman-Little, Rolando Kato, Janet Lakatos, Victoria Mikskolczy, Dan Neufeld, John Scanlon - Viola
  • Gloria Cheng, Ralph Grierson, Randy Kerber, Michael Lang - Keyboard
  • Andrew Cook, Anthony Cooke, Matthew Cooker, Douglas Davis, Steve Erody, Christine Ermacoff, Rowena Hamill, Todd Hemmenway, Paula Hochhalter, Barbara Hunter, Dennis Karmazyn, Armen Ksajikian, Timothy Landauer, Roger Lebow, Dane Little, David Low, David Speltz, Sebastian Toettcher, John Walz - Cello
  • Marcia Dickstein, Katie Kirkpatrick, Joann Turosky - Harp
  • Ron Jannelli, Kenneth Munday, Michael O'Donnovan - Bassoon
  • Tommy Johnson - Tuba
  • Jim Keltner - Drums
  • Steve Kujala, Geraldine Rotella, David Shostac, Sheirdon Stokes, Louise Di Tuillo, James Walker - Flute


  • Stuart Canin - Violin

music recorded at

  • Sony Pictures Studios
  • Conway Recording Studios
  • Ocean Way Recording

music remixed at

  • signet sound studios


  • Skywalker Sound

dialog recording

* Doc Kane * Bob Baron

color timer

  • Dale Grahn

negative cutters

* Mary Beth Smith * Rick Mackay

voice teacher

  • Vob Corff

voice recording engineer

  • Christian von Burkleo

creative executive

  • Melany Maximus

toy consultant

  • Mike Mozart

title designers

  • Matt Seckman
  • Susan Bradley

title by

  • Buena Vista Imaging

title optical supervisor

  • Mark Dornfeld

script research

  • Marshall/Plumb Research Associates

live action dog reference

  • April, Jenny, Maggie Mae, Max and Molly

Production Babies

Aldan Alice Amalia
Ann Audrey Ben
Chase Emily Erin
Gemma Isaac Jake
Jenna Katie Lielle
Lily Max Nathaniel
Neftall Ryan Sam
Sonia Will

Computer Systems for Final Rendering

  • Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Computer Systems for Final Rendering

  • Sun Microsystems, Inc.


Interactive Computer Workstations

  • Silicon Graphics, Inc.

3-D Modeling Software

  • Alias Research, Inc.

Video Playback Hardware

  • Fast Forward Video, Inc.

2-D Paint Software

  • Interactive Effects, Inc.

Film Recording Equipment

  • Management Graphics, Inc.

Rendered By

  • Renderman®

Processing By

  • Monaco Labs

Prints By

  • Technicolor®

Produced and Distributed On

  • Eastman Film


  • You've Got a Friend in Me
  • Strange Things
  • I Will Go Sailing No More
  • Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away”
    • Written & Performed by Randy Newman
    • Produced by Mitchell Froom
    • Recorded & Mixed by David Boucher
    • Group Vocals Contracted & Conducted by Jasper Randall
    • Horn Arrangements by Dan Higgins

“The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy”

    • Written by Randy Newman
    • Performed by Chris Stapleton
    • Recorded & Mixed by Vance Powell
    • Chris Stapleton appears courtesy of Mercury Nashville, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

“You've Got A Friend In Me”

    • Written & Performed by Randy Newman

“Midnight, the Stars and You”

    • Written by Harry Woods, James Campbell, Reginald Connelly
    • Performed by Ray Noble & His Orchestra with vocal by Al Bowlly
    • Courtesy of RCA Records
    • By arrangement with Sony Music Entertainment

“Don't Keep Me Waitin'”

    • Written by Ken Morrison
    • Performed by The Wranglers Featuring Bonnie Guitar
    • Courtesy of CAPP Records Inc. O/B/O Morrison Records

“Forever Tilt”

    • Written & Performed by Jake Monaco
  • Pop Goes the Weasel

Written by Tradtional

  • Randy Newman Appears Courtesy of Reprise Records
  • Lyle Lovett Appears Courtesy of Curb Music Company and MCA Records

Soundtrack Available on Cassette and Compact Disc from

Walt Disney Records

Video Game and CD-ROM Available from

      Disney Interactive

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No.34132 Motion Picture of Amecia Special Recording Dolby Stereo Digital This Picture Made Under The Jurisdiction of
  • Copyright © MCMXCV the Walt Disney Company, Pixar Animation Studios and Troublemaker Studios All Rights Reserved
  • This Motion Picture was Create By Hi-Tech Toons for Purposes of Copyright Law in the United Kingdom

Distributed By

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.

Closing Logos

  • Troublemaker Studios
  • Pixar Animation Studios
  • Blue Sky Studios
  • Walt Disney Pictures

Opening Credits

  • Pixar
  • Troublemaker Studios
  • "Tin Toy"

Closing Credits

  • Produced in association with Silver Screen Partners III
  • Direction, Animation, and Story: John Lasseter
  • Technical Directors: William Reeves, Eben Ostby
  • Additional Animation: William Reeves, Eben Ostby, Craig Good
  • Modeling: William Reeves, Eben Ostby, John Lasseter, Craig Good
  • Sound: Gary Rydstrom - Sprocket Systems
  • Production Coordination: Ralph Guggenheim, Susan Anderson, Deirdre Warin
  • Best Boy: Tony Apodaca
  • Cast:
    • Tinny as The Tin Toy
    • Billy as Himself
  • Also Appearing:
    • Gumbo
    • Spot
    • Helicopter Sheep
    • Les
    • Zoo Train
    • Toypot
    • Flip 'n Beth
    • Chrome Dome
    • Frodo
    • Ace
    • Eben's Car
    • Bouncy
    • Clocky
    • Rallye Guy
    • RenderMan
    • Fire Hydrant
  • Post Production Coordination: Craig Good
  • Output Scanning: Cosmic Don Conway, Ralph Guggenheim
  • RenderMan Team: Jeffrey Mock, Jeff Hilgert, Tony Apodaca, Jim Lawson, Darwyn Peachey, Pat Hanrahan, Sam Leffler
  • Elves: Ralph Guggenheim, Flip Phillips, Loren Carpenter, Mark Leather, Ed Catmull
  • 3-Space Digitizer: Polhemus Navigation Sciences
  • PS350 Display System: Evans & Sutherland Interactive Systems Division
  • Film Recorder: Matrix MultiColor, Courtesy Matrix Instruments, Inc., Computer Graphics Unit
  • 35mm Animation Camera: Satellite Imaging, Ltd.
  • Film Recording Consultant: David Haddick, Matrix Instruments, Inc.
  • "The Price Is Right" Courtesy Mark Goodson Productions Copyright 1988 Price Productions
  • Music Consultant: Forrest Patten, Kaleidosound
  • Babies John Looked At A Lot: Timmy McDonald, Wesley Kantor, Julia Reeves, Anna and Laura Deering, Katie Lynne Poff
  • Systems Support: Scott Taylor, Ken Huey, Carson L. Silkey, Steven Sequeira
  • Dynamics: David Salesin
  • Special Thanks To Neftali "El Magnifico" Alvarez, James K. Wilson, Nancy Kemper, ILM, Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
  • Very Special Thanks To Ed Catmull, Alvy Ray Smith, Bill Adams
  • Very, Very Special Thanks To Steve Jobs
  • The Producers Wish To Thank The Good People Of Pixar and Troublemaker, Without Whose Cooperation & Support This Motion Picture Could Not Have Been Made.
  • Produced At Pixar and Troublemaker, Marin County, California
  • Any Resemblance To Actual Toys Or Children Is Unintentional. To Open, Press Down While Turning Cap. Seatbelts Saves Lives. This Bag Is Not A Toy. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. No Portion Of This Movie, Including Its Soundtrack, May Be Reproduced In Any Manner Or We Won't Be Your Friends Anymore.
  • Pixar and Troublemaker and RenderMan are registered trademarks of Pixar and Troublemaker.
  • color by DeLuxe
  • Dolby Stereo in Selected Theaters
  • ©Copyright 1988 Pixar and Troublemaker
  • All Rights Reserved
  • Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.