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Opening Logos

  • Lyrick Studios
  • Barney Home Video

Opening Previews

  • I Love to Sing with Barney

Barney Home Video Bumper

  • Please stay tuned following this presentation for previews of other Barney Home Videos.

Opening Titles

  • Barney Home Video
  • "Sing and Dance with Barney"

Ending Credits

  • Executive Producer: Dennis DeShazer
  • Supervising Producer: Jim Rowley
  • Senior Producer: Ben Vaughn
  • Director: Steven Feldman
  • Writer Mark S. Bernthal
  • Production Designer: Bob Lavallee
  • Consulting Producers: Jeff Gittle, Linda Houston
  • Music Director: David Wolf
  • Performance Director Penny Wilson
  • Educational Specialists: Mary Ann Dudko, Ph.D., Margie Larsen, M.Ed.
  • Cast
    • Barney's Voice - Bob West
    • Barney's Costume - David Joyner
    • Baby Bop's Voice - Julie Johnson
    • Baby Bop's Costume - Jennifer Romanos
    • B.J.'s Voice - Patty Wirtz
    • B.J.'s Costume - Jeff Brooks
    • Danny - Jeffrey Hood
    • Hannah - Marisa Kuers
    • Jeff - Austin Ball
    • Keesha - Mera Baker
    • Kim - Erica Rhodes
    • Linda - Adrianne Kangas
    • Robert - Angel Velasco
    • Stephen - Chase Gallatin
  • Special Guest Appearances by
    • Jason - Kurt Dykhuizen
    • Kathy - Lauren King
    • Michael - Brian Eppes
    • Min - Pia Manalo
    • Tosha - Hope Cervantes
  • Production Manager: Charlotte Spivey
  • Associate Director: Eric Norberg
  • Stage Manager: Jena Atchison
  • Art Director: Elizabeth Sagan Velten
  • Wardrobe Designer: Lisa Odette Albertson
  • Lighting Designer: Ken Craig
  • Post Production Supervisor: Bob Dauber
  • Editors: McKee Smith, Vickie Sterling
  • Audio Director: David Boothe
  • Technical Operations Supervisor: Randy Breedlove
  • Video Engineer: Bink Williams
  • Technical Director: David Franks
  • Camera Operators: Oz Coleman, Bruce A. Harmon, Bill Saunders, Van Smalley
  • Videotape Operators: James Young, Dudley Asaff
  • Production Audio: Ron Balentine
  • Production Audio Assistants: Malcolm Johnson, Brenda J. Galgan, Joel Zoch
  • Lighting Director: Murray Campbell
  • Best Boy Electric/Board Operator: Todd Davis
  • Best Boy Grip: James Edwards
  • Grip/Electric: Nick Ballarini, Tim Harkins, Jeffrey Jon, Steve Ritchey
  • Set Dresser: Aggie Davis-Brooks
  • Prop Master: Tim Thomaston
  • Assistant Set Decorator: Melissa James
  • Assistant Props: Corey Jones, Tim McGarity
  • Greensperson: Kelley Johnston Miller
  • Assistant Greensperson: Evelise Sandidge, Cheryl Johnson
  • Make-Up Design: Jeanie L. D'Iorio, Jimi White, Catherine Granlund, Renee LeCuyer
  • Hair Stylists: Debra Hertel Haefling, Regina Rutherford, Gary Shannon
  • Manager of Talent Services: Julie Hutchings
  • Manager of Music Services: Lisa Arbuckle Greif
  • Assistant to the Performance Director & Dialogue Coach: Shelley C. Aubrey
  • Production Office Manager: Sue Shinn
  • Script Supervisor: Catherine Reynolds
  • Production Coordinator: Steven G. McAfee
  • Assistant Production Coordinator: Karen Gatewood
  • Set Construction: The Wolf Company
  • Artwork/Craft Coordinator: Amy Atherton
  • Assistant to Production Designer: Kim Greenough
  • Lead Carpenter: Dan Leonard
  • Assistant Carpenters: Scott Osborne, Will Hodges
  • Scenic Artists: Michael Eudy, James Frazier
  • Special Effects: Rob Goodson, John Wiggins
  • Wardrobe Shop Manager: Tom Jaekels
  • Wardrobe Sewing: Traci Hutton, Leila Heise, Celeste Kinnard, Shauni Mast, Georgina Wagenhurst
  • Wardrobe Assistant: Ken Weber
  • Wardrobe Assistant/Buyer: Chelley McDaniel
  • Costume Shop Manager: David Cobb
  • Costume Sewing: Janet Bush, Gilbert Gonzales, Denise Rohr
  • Bird Animatronics: Amelia Clemens, Alan Elson, William McNully
  • Animals Provided By: Animal Talent of Texas
  • Dialogue Editor: Denise Crowell
  • Sound Effects Editor: Don Clark
  • Re-Recording Mixer: Gary French
  • Post Production Audio Assistant: Craig Chastain
  • Special Video Effects: Video Post and Transfer, Inc.
  • Senior Accountant: Randy Dalton
  • Production Accoutant: Debbie Cottle
  • Assistant Production Accountant: Beth Reed
  • Writing Coordinator: Perri Verdino-Gates
  • Assistant to the Producers: Donna Ivers
  • Music Coordinator: Jonathan Smith
  • Production Assistants Kathleen Collins, Clare France, Halim Jabbour, Wendy Nichols
  • Educational Research Staff: Lori Plummer, M.Ed., Joy Starr
  • Children's Teacher: Valinda Kimmel
  • Children's Supervisor: Andrea Johnson
  • Production Interns Amy Klockgether Lee Melhorn Jacob Warner
  • "I Love You" Lyrics By Lee Bernstein (BMI) Melody · © 1983 Traditional Shimbarah Music (BMI)
  • Original Barney, Baby Bop and B.J. costumes By Irene Corey Design Associates
  • The names and characters Barney, Baby Bop and BJ are trademarks of the Lyons Partnership, L.P. Barney and BJ are Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off.
  • Executive in Charge Richard C. Leach
  • "Barney and the Backyard Gang™" and "Barney & Friends®" were originally developed by Sheryl Leach Kathy Parker and Dennis DeShazer.
  • © 1999 Lyons Partnership, L.P All Rights Reserved.

Closing Previews

  • Barney's Good Clean Fun!/Oh Brother! She's My Sister
  • Barney's Big Surprise
  • Barney in Outer Space

Closing Logos

  • Barney Home Video
  • Lyrick Studios