Warning Screen

  • FBI Warning - Federal Law Provides Severe Civil and Criminal Penalties for the Unauthorized Reproduction, Distribution or Exhibition of Copyrighted Motion Pictures, Video Tapes or Video Discs. Criminal Copyright Infringement is Investigated by the FBI and May Constitute a Felony with a Maximum Penalty of Up to Five Years in Prison and/or a $250,000 Fine.
  • Licensed for Private Home Exhibition Only. Any Public Performance, Copying or Other Use is Strictly Prohibited. All Other Rights Reserved.

Opening Previews

  • Alberto
  • Asti Cinzano
  • Newmark and Lewis
  • Sergio Valente
  • La Cage aux Follies
  • Spectrum
  • Gibraltar Transmissions
  • The Heart Family Nursery

Opening Logos

  • Touchstone Home Video

Closing Previews

  • Walt Disney and You - Wolfie and Sally 007/Pepino the Boy/A Family Circus Christmas/A Special Valentine w/the Family Circus/The Great Bear Scare/Inspector Gadget/Cantinflas: Amigo & Friends/Les Miserables
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