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  •  Federal law provides serve civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, exhibition of copyrighted motion pictures and videotapes. (Title 17, United States Code, Sections 501 and 506) The Federal Bureau of investigation investigates allegations of criminal copyright infringement (Title 17, United States Code, Section 506)

Interpol Warning

  • International agreements and nation laws protect copyrighted motion pictures, videotapes and sound recording. Unauthorized reproduction, exhibition or distribution or copyrighted motion pictures can result in serve criminal and civil penalties under the laws of your country. The International Criminal Police Organization - Interpol - has express its concern about motion picture and sound recording policy to all of its member national police forces. (Resolution adopted at Interpol General Assembly, Stockholm, Sweden, September 8, 1977)

Opening Logos

  • Hit Entertainment

Opening Previews

  • Kipper: Tiger Tales/Pools, Parks and Picnics
  • The Wiggles: Wiggly Wiggly Christmas ("Wiggly Wiggly Christmas" Music Video)
  • The Wiggles: Yule Be Wiggling

Opening Titles

  • "Bob the Builder"

Episode Credits

  • Bob's White Christmas
    • Written by: Jimmy Hibbert
  • Bob and the Big Freeze
    • Written by: Simon Jowett
  • Bob of the North
    • Written by: Chris Trengove
  • Special Delivery Spud
    • Written by: Simon Jowett
  • Bob's Bugle
    • Written by: Jimmy Hibbert

Ending Credits

  • Originated by: Keith Chapman
  • Music & Lyrics by: Paul K. Joyce
  • Voices by: Lachele Carl, Maria Darling, William Dufris, Sonya Leite, Lorelei King, Alan Marriott
  • Supervising Animator: Paul Couvvela
  • Animators: Andy Burns, Gilly Moore, Dale Hemenway, Jacky Howson, George Laban, Jud Walton, Felix Pieriera-Crabtree, John Oates, Sarah Owen, Inge Van Wijngaarden, Charlie Hopkins, Daniel Alderson
  • Puppets & Machines: Mackinnon & Saunders Ltd
  • Sets: The As and When Men
  • Costumes: Geraldine Corrigan, Karen Betty
  • Props & Set Dressing: Jon Fletcher, Lucy Beckett, Steve Cox, Chris Sievey, David Howarth, Richard Dawson
  • Design: Curtis Jobling
  • Art Direction: Barbara Biddulph, Samantha Hanks
  • Storyboard Artists: Ellen Meske, Les Eaves, Joe Matthews, Dan Whitworth
  • Lighting Camera: Angela Poschet BVK
  • Camera: Iain Karim, Shirlaine Forrest, Joe Dembinski, Daniel Beckett, St John Starkey
  • Editor: Zyggy Markiwicz, Bruce Marshall, Adam Taykir
  • Additional Editor: Shreety Raval
  • Dubbing Mixer: John Wood
  • On Line: 422
  • Production Manager for HIT Entertainment: Karen Davidsen
  • Production Co-ordinator for HOT Animation: Bella Reekie
  • Production Assistants: Donna Holdsworth, Macushla Carney, Kathryn Gunn, Melissa Rogers
  • Script Editors: Richard Hansom, Madeleine Warburg
  • Script Re-version: Jurgen Wolff
  • Directors: Sarah Ball, Nick Herbert, Liz Whitaker, Brian Little
  • Producer: Jackie Cockle
  • Executive Producer for HIT Entertainment: Kate Fawkes
  • Executive Producer for the BBC: Theresa Plummer-Andrews
  • HOT Animation
  • A HOT Animation Production for HIT Entertainment Plc
  • (C)HIT Entertainment PLC and Keith Chapman 2001

Closing Logos

  • Hit Entertainment PLC - www.hitentertainment.com
  • Distributed Worldwide by HIT Entertainment PLC